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Our homes breathe as we do

Though an object, building structures need to have healthy circulation and maintenance to thrive. When residential or commercial structures thrive, they yield the owners maximized returns. Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. has been shrewdly observing this data for the last four decades in the real estate sector of Bangladesh. 

One of the core reasons for bti’s impressive performance in the real estate sector is the company’s efficient customer-centric service model. With the Customer’s Needs at the heart of the conduct, bti designed a service model that also affects its operational regime. The result is a high number of successful on-time deliveries with almost no standard deviation. This fact had also opened new avenues of service model extension for bti, and thus came bti Property Management

bti Property Management (BPM)  provides a myriad of services to ensure that your property’s deterioration is contained, and sound maintenance is carried out to ensure higher returns. From outfitting you with a trained maintenance workforce to providing you with professional troubleshooters, BPM has property management covered. If you have stuck with me so far, Dear Reader, then you definitely want to dive deeper below:

All properties, regardless of their physical size, need some basic services like hygiene and maintenance management. These services include security personnel & controls, general cleaning, pool cleaning, gardening, cleaning of plumbing and water reservoirs, and electromechanical maintenance of all sorts. Some properties even require a dedicated manager who takes care of the overall property management. Often, property owners are at a loss as to how to resource reliable personnel for these tasks. People tend to hire freelance service providers, but the downside of this is that freelancers do not know property like seasoned experts who repeatedly provide maintenance services. Their expertise and familiarity with your property dynamics ensure the seamless operation of your property’s amenities. Hence, not only can they identify issues faster and more accurately but also are capable of troubleshooting effectively. 

Additionally, BPM also offers services such as Renovation & Upgrade work of properties, Interior & Exterior Painting, and installation of hygiene maintenance equipment such as Central Water Purifier and Energy Recovery Ventilation System. bti Property Management has professional teams to provide renovation and beautification services at competitive pricing. The service will be high-quality and customized according to your requirements. Experts from BPM will conduct an analysis prior to commencing work on your exterior or interior painting needs. They will select the kind of paint to be used based on environmental facts and structural features. The entire process will be observed by engineers and seasoned painting experts. For the first time in Bangladesh, we have introduced an indoor air purifier system to cleanse the air inside your home of dust & other pollutants. Designed with the latest technology, the ERV system promotes good health & fitness for your family.

bti Property Management family is located at bti Celebration Point in Gulshan 2 and is always ready to be there for you. All you need to do is call us and let us know how we can help you. We’ll be there in a flash with expert help.

From sourcing personnel to any kinds of property maintenance work, we provide unmatched services. Call 16604 or send a message on Whatsapp: 01313401405 today to know more.

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