Comprehensive Property Management Services in Dhaka

Sourcing Skilled Manpower

We source reliable, trained & vetted personnel for a wide array of property management services.

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Electromechanical & Plumbing Maintenance

An experienced team of engineers from Property Security & Management along with required electricians & plumbers are ready to solve any electrical or plumbing-related problems.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Property Security & Management pool maintenance personnel will regularly clean and change the pool water to keep it sparkling clean.

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Overhead Tank & Underground Water Reservoir Cleaning

Our expert technicians will clean the overhead tank & underground water reservoirs, maintain water purification machinery and remove poisonous gasses, etc.

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Exterior & Interior Painting

Based on systematic analysis, seasoned experts from Property Security & Management will ensure top-quality paintwork with a polished temperament.

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Renovation & Beautification Services

Property Security & Management has professional teams to provide renovation and beautification services at competitive pricing.

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Landscaping Design & Implementation

Property Security & Management has a wonderful Landscaping team, complete with architects and engineers who are capable of coming up with innovative landscaping designs.

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Deep Cleaning Services

Let your property be on top of its neatness and sparkle with life with expert deep cleaning services from Property Security & Management.

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Pest Control Services

Keep your property completely pest-free with professional services from Property Security & Management.

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Virus Disinfection Services

Property Security & Management is providing Virus Disinfection services to remove any kind of germs & toxins from your residential and commercial spaces.

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A Diverse Range of Property Management Services

At PSM, we offer a diverse portfolio of property management services. Our commitment to excellence extends far beyond traditional apartment property management. In addition to security and management personnel, we provide a wide array of maintenance services for residential and commercial properties.

Home Security Services for Peace of Mind

When it comes to safeguarding your home, security is paramount. As a home security services company we are prepped to offer you the peace of mind you deserve. We provide trained and experienced security personnel who are dedicated to protecting your property round the clock. You can rest assured that your home is in safe hands with us.

Apartment Property Management Services

For apartment property owners and tenants, our property management services are tailored to meet your unique needs. If you’re looking to maintain and enhance your investment, PSM has you covered. Our services include gardening, electromechanical maintenance, plumbing, swimming pool cleaning, exterior and interior paint services, overhead tank and underground reservoir water cleaning, renovation, landscaping, deep cleaning, pest control, and virus disinfection services. Enjoy the convenience of a one-stop solution for all your property needs.

Property Management Services for Every Need

We believe that every property is unique and deserves tailored solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance the security and appearance of your property or a commercial property owner seeking diverse services, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen. Whether it’s maintenance, cleaning, or renovation, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and attractive environment while also maximizing the value of the property for owners.

Property Security & Management (PSM) stands as your trusted partner in Dhaka for property management services. Our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive approach to property care sets us apart. Contact us today to explore how our services can meet your property management needs and secure your peace of mind.

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