There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of service. For example, the number of hours, location, specific duty requirements and other contributions as well.

We conduct an extensive internal investigation including prior employment and personal references.

Yes. We offer a traditional police style uniform, with company patch and our badge.

Yes. We offer a Hygienic uniform with company Logo and badge.

Our training program consists of classroom training that covers state laws and general security procedures. In addition, all security personnel receive specific on-site training for each individual client. All security officers are properly trained before starting their assignment.

Our training program consists of technic of cleaning, Apply of chemical in different floors/wall/Furniture etc, Appropriate time of different cleaning & maintain inventory of cleaning materials.

The security guard checks in and off duty using the physical monitoring system, that verifies by the supervisors out in the field that routinely monitor the performance of all team members. Through their supervision, training and inspection our clients are assured of high quality service.

Depending on management needs, daily security reports can be provided for each shift. Incident reports will be provided if some of sort of security violation occurs.

This depends on the size of swimming pool & water tanks, work scope and complexity. Our cleaner team will try to complete cleaning within 3-6 hours.

Yes. it needs to be kept empty prior to the service delivery.

You can start using after we are done with cleaning.

It depends on the size and types

– Repairing

– Plumbing

-Service charge

-Proper Chemicals

– Machinery and Tools

– Important Note: Pool/Water tank needs to be kept empty prior to the service delivery.

The price is not fixed it will be variable on the size and types of the Pool/Tank

Yes, the payment must be in advance

The cost is calculated based on the amount of paint used for painting walls.

It usually provides a coverage of 120 – 140 square feet per liter for 1 coat and 60 – 70 square feet per liter for 2 coats on a normal masonry surface.

Color life span is 4 to 5 years. Hence, it depends on the wall condition.

Actually no. Our service provider will buy the paint according to your preference. However, this might differ if you have chosen to supply paint by yourself. Product costs shall be provided in advance where applicable.

For every service we will assign a proper number of laborers to complete it on time. But if you want extra labor in order to complete it early then you have to pay for extra labor.

No. After expert visit your place no the consultation fee needs to be paid. With consultation you will get:

 – On-site inspection and analysis of wall condition

 – Suitable color and paint preference

 – Costing and measurement

 – Other queries which you may face during painting

To remodel & redesign your old property of house, office or any other space by changing the structure, looks, design or repair existing and increase value, beautification, comfort and personal preferences.

The renovation & repair of existing property services cost depends on material and man hour requires to complete the services. Expert will visit and analyze the requirements and provide quotation based on square feet or Job unit required.

Absolutely not. Hiring an expert partner in the field is always favorable as it allows you to gauge all the procedures and costs of planning beforehand. Taking up responsibilities might be risky when you have glitches during the planning. Clear guidance from the experts will always ensure seamless execution.

-Systematic planning of space, lights, rendering and design drawings of the home/office/Shop/Restaurants/Other

-Drafting an estimate cost list of the materials required

-Coordination with implementation team, architects and installing professionals

-Efficient research on venues for purchasing affordable, yet efficient materials

-Overall project supervision

Well, we will provide best & renowned products during project implementation and also customers can choose the products and brands of their choice during the planning phase.

The assigned team of BTI PM will manage all the related equipment to establish the project and logistics of additional materials or products will be billed to customers at actual based on need.

Commercial spaces take a longer time as compared to residential spaces. The completion of a complete house can last anywhere from two to six weeks while a commercial space may take min of eight weeks for completion.

No, there is no minimum charge for availing our interior design service.

Safety Ensured, as in we are well-equipped and well-prepared to serve you while maintaining the

  Coronavirus prevention.

Our preparations include- 

  • In case of any illness (Fever, sneezing, breathing problem), service specialists are being held from providing service.
  • Ensuring the necessary protective equipment (masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc.). Instruction to use hand sanitizers before entering your home, before starting the work and after the work is done. Instruction to disinfect the instruments before and after the work.

After the Disinfection, it will take half an hour or one hour to dry and kill the virus. So it’s not

  good to clean the surface.

At the disinfection time, no one will allow at that place.

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