3 Types Of Property Maintenance & What’s Best For Your Property

Owning a home is certainly a joyful experience. It gives one a sense of freedom and individuality. It is the space where dreams are fulfilled and has true peace. There is no place like home. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of it. Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities, and first-time home buyers are caught off-guard with the amount of maintenance. It is best to be aware of some common property issues that you might face on a regular basis. By clearing these issues and maintaining your property carefully, your property will look genuinely appealing and also maintain its worth.

Regular Maintenance

Just as the name suggests, this type of maintenance is planned and executed on a regular basis. Expert property managers are well aware of the things they have to maintain periodically and can even take preventative measures for major systems just in case. Usually cleaning and fixing patches of paint can be done by in-house staff, but property managers may need to hire external personnel to maintain lifts, HVAC systems, swimming pools, and other major systems within the property. Regular maintenance usually costs less and has a low impact on the functioning of the property. It also helps prevent emergency and corrective maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

This is also a form of basic, low-impact, low-priority maintenance that comes about every once in a while. Corrective repairs generally do not cause major inconvenience to the residents but do pose a risk over time if the issue is not fixed. Therefore, it is wise to solve these issues as soon as possible. For example, property managers must replace faulty smoke or gas leakage detectors, fire hydrants, and fire alarms. Fire extinguishers can expire and need to be replaced too. No one can predict when a fire incident might occur. So, it is better to be safe and take corrective measures than sorry when such an incident does indeed occur. Pest control, paint services, and fixing faulty lighting around the property, are also examples of corrective maintenance.  

Emergency Maintenance

Any measure that can seriously impact the wellbeing and health of the residents or may cost homeowners a large sum of money can be termed as emergency maintenance. These issues need to be solved as quickly as possible. For example, during the hot summers if the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of the property fails, residents will find it incredibly difficult to stay within the property. Collapse of certain structures, security systems failure, surprise electrical blackouts, and water supply issues also have to be dealt with immediately for the comfort of the residents.

When owning a property, it is your responsibility to ensure that all is well within the residence. With expert property managers and caretakers your property is sure to be in good hands. We at bti Property Management offer such personnel who have full knowledge of all types of maintenance and can handle your property with care. We also have cleaning, security, and gardening personnel to keep your property safe and in good shape. You can even avail our electromechanical maintenance and repair services at your beck and call. Call 16604, or WhatsApp: +8801313401405 to get in touch with us!

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