bti Brings 2 Smart Additions To Home Automation

bti Property Management is a renowned platform, backed by the heritage of bti. We provide an expert workforce who are trained and resourceful. Our service model is completely customer-centric and designed to provide you with a tension-free life. Once you go with bti Property Management for your property, you will never go elsewhere! At bti, we understand property. We have been in the real estate industry for almost forty years. We have learned that if regular maintenance of a valuable property is carried out then expensive repairs can be avoided in the future. We have also learned that a well-presented neat and clean property with a smart concierge and professional security guards will fetch better rental returns for the owner.

With nearly four decades of real estate experience, bti knows exactly what kind of personnel are required for which task. Therefore, bti Property Management provides the service of appointing the right person to the right job. Residential and commercial assets require adequate maintenance. This adds life to the property and keeps its outlook fresh. These reliable personnel are administered by bti Property Management and ensure a tension-free lifestyle for you. 

Additionally, bti Property Management provides Home Automation solutions to facilitate a complete smart home system for you. From installing security Smart Features to state-of-the-art innovative Smart machines, bti Property Management has you covered. In lieu of that, the two latest offerings by the company are described below:

  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) System

For the first time in Bangladesh,  bti Property Management has introduced an indoor air purifier system to cleanse the air inside your home of dust & other pollutants. Designed with the latest technology, the ERV system promotes good health & fitness for your family. Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is the energy recovery process in residential and commercial HVAC systems that exchanges the energy contained in normally exhausted air of a building or conditioned space, using it to treat (precondition) the incoming outdoor ventilation air. The specific equipment involved may be called an Energy Recovery Ventilator, also abbreviated ERV.

During the warmer seasons, an ERV system pre-cools and dehumidifies; During cooler seasons the system humidifies and pre-heats. An ERV system helps HVAC design meet ventilation and energy standards, improves indoor air quality, and reduces total equipment capacity, thereby reducing energy consumption. ERV systems enable an HVAC system to maintain a 40-50% indoor relative humidity, essentially in all conditions.

  • Smart Cloth Dryer

bti Property Management knows how important and hassling the chore of drying clothes can be. bti architects have always paid special attention to this issue while designing rooftops, balconies, and laundry spaces of their projects. Hence, bti Property Management is offering a state-of-the-art imported Smart Cloth Drying machine that takes care of cloth drying without making matters complicated. There are 3 variants of this machine, currently. The Ceiling-mounted Smart Cloth Dryer is an automated machine that dries your clothes, disinfects them if needed, and emanates heated air without killing space. It has impressive features like remote control, height adjustability, bar extensions, and hanger insertion options. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The Smart Temperature-controlled Towel Rail provides automatic towel heating, timer setting options with automatic sensors, sufficient capacity, quick-drying, and hygiene maintenance. It can be installed vertically to save space and look nice. Lastly, the SS Wall-mounted Retractable Clothes Rail comes with retractable and extendable bars. The hanger insertion option on it lets you add a lot of clothes at a time. Because of this device’s retractability, it can be mounted on the wall without looking conspicuous. 

 bti Property Management is always available at its office premises and is only a phone call away, should you need to contact it. Besides the above, we have an array of necessary services that will aid with your property upkeep magnificently. Additionally, we have an excellent After-sales service that is unparalleled. So, take a look at our social media page and give us a holler any time!

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