Property Management Services: Adding Value to Your Property

As the demand for apartments continues to soar in Dhaka, there is a simultaneous increase in the needs of homeowners as well. One of those needs is property management, a service desperately needed especially in brand new apartments handed over. A well-managed property has additional value in the long run, which means if someone wants to sell their home later on, they can do so at a profitable price even if the apartment is used. It is often a daunting task to look for suitable staff from different sources, since people are mostly busy and do not have the time to look after an entire property themselves. But what if one could find everything under one name? This is exactly what bti Property Management offers to apartment owners.

From sourcing the right people for property management to maintenance and renovation, homeowners can get everything here to ensure proper care of their property without having to go anywhere else. This is a huge relief for homeowners, especially those whose income largely comes from home rent. Homeowners would be glad to rely upon a successful brand taking care of their property, while tenants would be happy to know that their homes are secure and well-managed. The result is a win-win for everyone!

Managing an entire property is no small task, and requires the intervention of every member of a residence. Usually, community members within a residence discuss and employ staff including caretakers, security guards, housekeepers, gardeners, etc. from various references. They are responsible for the cleanliness, caretaking, managing, and maintenance of the property. However, incidents where some members have committed crimes or suspicious activities are not unheard of. Therefore, the responsibility should be given to trusted experts, who are professional enough and yet grounded in behavior. bti Property Management provides fire-fighting trained security guards, reliable cleaners, loyal caretakers, and nature-loving gardeners. Their background check and proper training ensure that homeowners can rely on them. With accountability and responsibility of the property given to another party, homeowners do not have to worry about finances or management.

Maintenance is extremely important for a property to hold its value. Prospective buyers and tenants have more probability to say no to any property that appears shabby, or has electromechanical issues, water problems, etc. Homeowners can easily call bti Property Management to send in a team of technicians and engineers who provide quick solutions to electrical, mechanical, and plumbing issues. Thus, even in emergency cases, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their property is safe. bti Property Management also provides experts who can clean and change the water regularly in overhead tanks, underground water reservoirs, water treatment plants, and swimming pools. If external or internal paintwork is necessary, bti Property Management sends professionals who would thoroughly conduct an analysis based on structural and environmental aspects, and then repaint the residence.

If repainting and maintenance are not enough, a home might need a total makeover to appear as good as new and also be safe for the incoming residents. Renovation, coupled with beautiful landscaping can completely change the indoor view of a home and also increase its value. Adding more greenery within the home certainly helps in healthy living and feeling better, but it should be organized and maintained properly. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have become more conscious about their wellbeing. Apart from focusing on gardening and greenery, they opted for disinfection services and installed energy recovery ventilation systems (ERVS) to keep the indoors of a home healthy and safe. These services are also provided by bti Property Management.

A question still remains. Are they trustworthy and can they perform as they say? Ask the question to anyone who has availed the services of bti Property Management, and they will tell you why they have chosen them for their complete property management. With decades of real estate experience and a record of on-time handovers, bti has always been a favorite for homeowners in Dhaka, particularly due to their excellent service and customer-centric business model.

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