Keeping Your Home Protected This Winter

Although winter in Bangladesh is not here for too long, when it is here, it makes its presence known thoroughly. Protecting your home from the harsh winds of winter might prove to be a challenging task if it’s not dealt with promptly before the season has begun. If you fail to take precautions to protect your home from the unforgiving winter weather, it will eventually lead to your beautiful home requiring multiple costly repairs down the line.

Worried that you wouldn’t know what to look out for? Don’t be, because we at PSM have a to-do-list that will tell you all that you need to know:

Natural light is your best friend

In winter, the sun is usually gentler than it is throughout the rest of the seasons. In order to make the most of this sunlight, part the curtains during the day. Natural light will not only do wonders in lighting up your home free of cost, it will also help in keeping the rooms warm for a while. It will also help prevent damp, a problem that occurs especially in areas that experience a lot of fog or dew in winter.

Make sure your geyser and pipes are in working order

One problem that we face all across Bangladesh is that the pipes get rusted over fairly easily due to the high iron content in supply water, as well as water that is drawn out through deep-tube wells. Hard water also causes layers to build on or inside metal pipes. If your pipes have become thin due to a build-up of rust and hard water, they will become unusable in winter. Hire a plumber to check that your pipes are in smooth, running order—and an electrician to check that your geyser is working. It will save you from a lot of hassle and expensive repairs later.

Get your doors and windows prepped for winter

Wear and tear due to regular usage can cause wooden doors and metal hinges or window frames to erode over time. Check if your doors need to be extended to stop letting cold air in, or if your window frames and metal hinges need to be adjusted or changed before winter hits. If there are gaps in the door, you can get it fixed using moulding, caulk (liquid putty), builders’ tape, door sweep etc. This will allow you to ensure that you can keep the cold out, allowing your house to remain insulated from the cold.

Regularly maintain your portable heating and air-conditioning units

Whether it is too cold this winter or not, it is a smart investment to get yourself a portable heater, in case temperatures drop drastically. If you already own a portable heater, make sure it is working, and if it is not, get it fixed before winter comes. Similarly, if your air-conditioning units are overdue for a maintenance check-up, get that done as early as possible. You never know if you will need one in an emergency or not.

Conserve gas, use alternative cooking methods where possible

Winter is the season when natural gas pressure is lower than in other seasons. Perhaps this is why homemakers and cooks everywhere have to schedule their stove needs accordingly. To help prepare for any emergency needs, you can buy an induction or electric stove. Not only will these help you in a pinch, they often have higher temperatures than regular gas stoves. If you are using your regular gas stove, remember to switch it off when you are done to remain protected from fire hazards.

Use organic or natural pesticides to control bugs and pests

In Bangladesh, winter and monsoon are both seasons where insects come out to play. In winter especially, these creepy-crawlies might seem like more of a nuisance. When you go to your balcony and get bitten by mosquitoes, or when those tiny bugs on your light assault your eyes, you might finally have had enough. Use eucalyptus or citronella oil-based insecticides and pesticides for an organic, mess-free solution to your pest problem.

Owning property in Bangladesh is no easy task. In a country where people are constantly striving to do better, managing the safety and security of your property should be entrusted to the best there is. PSM takes pride in being one of the premier providers of property security and management in Bangladesh. For any queries regarding property security and management issues, feel free to call us at 16604.

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