Home Renovation Tips to Beautify Your Home This Wedding Season

Winter in Bangladesh is usually the time of the year when couples decide to tie the knot. Along with the milder weather, it usually means vacations for schools, colleges and universities, meaning that extended families and friends can comfortably join in the wedding festivities. Whether you are getting ready to get hitched yourself, or your home will be one of the key hosting areas for a relative/ friend’s wedding, here are some home renovation tips that will undoubtedly put your home a notch above the rest!

Always plan ahead!

Weddings are usually on par with gala events, with relatives and well-wishers flocking in from all across the country and even abroad to be a part of your special day. It is highly likely that there will be a few extra guests who would like to attend your wedding, possibly staying the night at your house. You need to plan ahead in case this occurs, and have sufficient bedding, food and amenities on standby. You never know what might come in handy!

Free your rooms of clutter

For those of you that have rooms that are already overfilled with objects, you should definitely take a good look at your home and clear out everything that is non-essential. Clear out your cupboards, shelves and even your rooms; since you will not only need the extra space for gifts, but also to accommodate guests and their luggage during the wedding season. 

Safely store jewellery and other valuables

If you don’t already own a locker or jewellery safe, this might be the right time to invest in one. With the sudden influx of guests and other outsiders, you could very easily misplace your jewellery and valuables. You could also have a concealed jewellery safe built into your cupboard. 

Refurbish your interiors

Does your wedding have a specific theme? Do you have an idea about a colour palette or scheme that you would like to incorporate into your wedding events? If so, then you can redecorate the interior of your house accordingly. If you can get the indoors painted, start with that. If that will be too expensive, then change up the drapery, upholstery and decor pieces to make your home cohesive with the colours of your wedding. Bright cushions, tablecloths and eclectic wall and table decor can change the look and feel of an otherwise drab room in just a few minutes. Also keep in mind that since many of your guests will inevitably bring children or grandchildren into your home. Therefore, your choice in fabrics should be such which  can be easily washed and dried or dry cleaned. 

Check all points of plumbing and electricity

This is an absolute must, especially if your home has been constructed quite a while back. Hire a plumber and an electrician to come check all potential leaky faucets as well as faulty switches and sockets. After all, it would be truly abysmal if your wedding became the topic of discussion because of the woes it caused due to faulty mains lines and leaking taps. 

Make your rooms multipurpose

Do you have a smaller dining space and kitchen, and need to have alternate seating available, with emergency backup in case extra guests show up to the home unannounced; go ahead and rearrange your furniture to suit your needs. You could use each room for more than one purpose, for example, you can add floor seating with cushions where guests could gather and have snacks. You could also have a photobooth in front of the curtains in your living room–especially if you add cute mini lights or candles to create a romantic ambiance. 

There are multiple jobs that need to be attended to with regards to a wedding. However, just because your house needs to be renovated, doesn’t mean that you will need to pour a huge amount of time and effort into it. If you are smart and do proper research before embarking on this mission, with a few simple hacks, your home could become trendy and cool within this wedding season!

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