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When defined, Property in the abstract is what belongs to or with something, whether as an attribute or as a component of said thing. Every property starts with an idea and eventually, ends up in a tangible matter. The journey from being an idea to becoming the finished object encompasses things that are larger than life for an owner. To be elaborate, acquiring and developing property means that the owner has invested time, money, hard work, emotions, and research into it. He or she has also gone through the trouble of documentation and legal work. In most cases, the goal of acquiring properties is to receive some measure of Return On Investment, be that financial or intangible. Maximizing that return depends on the proper management of your property. 

At this point you may be wondering the following:

  • How do I ensure the proper management of my property?
  • What requirements are there?
  • How do I source the necessary personnel?
  • Who do I go to?

This blog is intended to answer just these questions. 

bti Property Management is a renowned platform, backed by the heritage of bti. We provide an expert workforce who are trained and resourceful. Our service model is completely customer-centric and designed to provide you a tension-free life. Once you go with bti Property Management for your property, you will never go elsewhere! At bti, we understand property. We have been in the real estate industry for almost forty years. We have learned that if regular maintenance of a valuable property is carried out then expensive repairs can be avoided in the future. We have also learned that a well-presented neat and clean property with a smart concierge and professional security guards will fetch better rental returns for the owner.

With nearly four decades of real estate experience, bti knows exactly what kind of personnel are required for which task. Therefore, bti Property Management provides the service of appointing the right person to the right job. Residential and commercial assets require adequate maintenance. This adds life to property and keeps its outlook fresh. These reliable personnel are administered by bti Property Management and ensure a tension-free lifestyle for you. Take a look at the complete maintenance and management services provided by bti Property Management:

Maintenance Personnel: bti Property Management provides professional Maintenance Personnel for your property who will expertly handle all maintenance work required. These Maintenance Personnel are well-trained, reliable, and are proactive resources who keep properties in a ship-shape.

Cleaning Personnel Sourcing: Expert Cleaning Personnel sourced by bti Property Management will provide you such bedazzling cleaning services that you will never think of anyone else. The regular tasks of the cleaners include collecting garbage from apartments and commercial spaces, maintaining the cleanliness of the common premises, disposal of accumulated garbage, etc. We conduct thorough background checks of them to ensure their reliability and trustworthiness. 

Security Personnel Sourcing: bti Property Management provides fit, loyal, and reliable security personnel who will ensure you a secure and hassle-free life. Our security personnel are well-trained, uniformed, and polite. Furthermore, they are trained in firefighting as a bonus. 

Gardener: bti Property Management will provide you with expert caregivers for your building’s greenery. Reliable, trustworthy and nature-loving gardeners tend to plants like their own children! Their responsibilities include fertilizing, watering, soiling, weed removal, infestation management, etc. They are also experts on the seasonal care of your garden.

Property Caretaker cum Manager: bti Property Management provides sufficiently educated, well-trained, polite, and reliable Caretakers or Managers for your property. Their responsibilities include the collection of monthly common service charges from the apartment owners, monitoring maintenance needs, various bill payments, and keeping track of miscellaneous fees. Besides managing the overall functionality of your property, the manner of our managers is sure to impress you. 

This blog is being ended at this point with the hope that it has clarified plenty of relevant matters for you. bti Property Management is always available at its office premises and is only a phone call away, should you need to contact. Besides the above, we have an array of necessary services that will aid with your property upkeep magnificently. Additionally, we have an excellent After-sales service that is unparalleled. So, take a look at our social media page and give us a holler any time! 

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