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bti Property Management is a renowned name for providing property management services. Backed by nearly four decades of bti heritage, bti Property Management is a strategic business unit from the House of bti that attends to all your property management needs. Your properties are passionate investments that encompass a significant amount of emotional and financial impact. They require a dynamic range of maintenance to be sustainable. To make your life tension-free and add life to your properties, bti Property Management offers holistic property maintenance & management services. Our offerings range from a comprehensive property management package to individual services, including professional personnel sourcing and their trained services.

We provide an expert workforce who are trained and resourceful. Our service model is completely customer-centric and designed to provide you a tension-free life. Once you go with bti Property Management for your property, you will never go elsewhere! Till date the House of bti is proud to have served over 6000 customers to build their dream home and the number of happy customers keep rising steadily. Given this and the number of properties handed over, our customers reached out to us over the years for various property management solutions. The incoming flow of requests and being urged by the customers themselves, bti decided to come up with the unit- bti Property Management, dedicated to serve property management needs. Over the years, our services have gained sufficient appraisal to serve bti patrons and beyond. The core reasons for our customers to believe in us are listed below:

  • Experience backed the heritage of bti
  • Team of Seasoned & Skillful Experts
  • Office Availability
  • After Sales Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Tension-free life

Residential and commercial assets require adequate maintenance. This adds life to a property and keeps its outlook fresh. Take a look at the complete maintenance and management services provided by bti Property Management:


Sourcing Personnel

With nearly four decades of real estate experience, bti knows exactly what kind of personnel are required for which task. Therefore, bti Property Management provides the service of appointing the right person to the right job. These reliable personnel are administered by bti Property Management and ensure a tension-free lifestyle for you. The service modules are listed below:

Maintenance Personnel: bti Property Management provides professional Maintenance Personnel for your property who will expertly handle all maintenance work required. These Maintenance Personnel are well-trained, reliable and are proactive resources who keep properties in a ship-shape.

Cleaning Personnel Sourcing: Expert Cleaning Personnel sourced by us will provide you such bedazzling cleaning services that you will never think of anyone else. The regular tasks of the cleaners include collecting garbage from apartments and commercial spaces, maintaining the cleanliness of the common premises, disposal of accumulated garbage, etc. We conduct thorough background checks of them to ensure their reliability and trustworthiness.

Security Personnel Sourcing: bti Property Management provides fit, loyal and reliable security personnel who will ensure you a secure and hassle-free life. Our security personnel are well-trained, uniformed, and polite. Furthermore, they are trained in firefighting as an added bonus.

Gardener: bti Property Management will provide you with expert caregivers for your building’s greenery. Reliable, trustworthy and nature-loving gardeners tend to plants like their own children! Their responsibilities include fertilizing, watering, soiling, weed removal, infestation management, etc. They are also experts on the seasonal care of your garden.

Property Caretaker cum Manager: bti Property Management provides sufficiently educated, well-trained, polite, and reliable Caretakers or Managers for your property. Their responsibilities include the collection of monthly common service charges from the apartment owners, monitoring maintenance needs, various bill payments, and keeping track of miscellaneous fees. Besides managing the overall functionality of your property, the manner of our managers is sure to impress you.


Electromechanical Maintenance

bti Property Management offers repair/ maintenance of all the electromechanical equipment of your property. We will assign professional technicians so that maintenance work is consistent and satisfactory. They will conduct regular inspections and be available on-call.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

If your swimming pool needs maintenance then opt for bti Property Management. Our pool maintenance personnel will regularly clean and change the pool water.


Overhead Tank & Underground Water Reservoir Cleaning

This service includes cleaning the overhead tank & underground water reservoirs, maintaining water purification machinery, the removal of poisonous gases, etc. This will be done through our expert technician.


Electrical & Plumbing Troubleshooting

A well-trained, knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers from bti Property Management along with required electricians & plumbers are ready to solve any electrical or plumbing-related problems you may encounter round the clock. We are only a phone call away during emergencies.


Exterior & Interior Painting

Experts from bti Property Management will conduct an analysis prior to commencing work on your exterior or interior painting needs. They will select the kind of paint to be used based on environmental facts and structural features. The entire process will be observed by engineers and seasoned painting experts. This will ensure top-quality paintwork with a polished temperament.


Renovation & Beautification Services

bti Property Management has professional teams to provide renovation and beautification services at competitive pricing. The service will be high-quality and customized according to your requirements. Additionally, if you were looking to upgrade your property materials or install machinery then bti Property Management can support you with that too.


Landscaping Design & Implementation

bti Property Management has a wonderful Landscaping team, complete with architects and engineers who are capable of coming up with innovative landscaping designs. In addition to designs that you can customize, our expert team will implement the final design with necessary greenery and beautification accessories.


Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) System

For the first time in Bangladesh, we have introduced an indoor air purifier system to cleanse the air inside your home of dust & other pollutants. Designed with the latest technology, the ERV system promotes good health & fitness for your family.


Virus Disinfection Services

Virus disinfection has become of paramount importance in our lives. For a contamination free hygienic lifestyle, bti Property Management is providing Virus Disinfection services to remove any kind of germs & toxins from your residential and commercial spaces. Our professional team ensures your physical safety by disinfecting your space.


PropertyPlus Service Package

The PropertyPlus Service Package has been designed to provide a comprehensive solution for your property management at a competitive price. In this package, you get a Caretaker cum Manager, 2 Security Persons and a Cleaning Person. These personnel will fulfill their respective duties along with paying utility bills on time, keep financial records and oversee the property’s management and hygiene. Moreover, the manager will maintain all the accounts related to the project & submit a monthly summary to the management committee.

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