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Exterior paint jobs are essential for both the beautification and preservation of your building. Exterior painting protects surfaces, in terms of adding years and years to the life of a structure. A fresh coat of paint drastically enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building, making it look crisp and younger. Choosing the right type of paint is important as they vary in terminologies, ingredients, finishing, etc. Most paint is made up of six ingredients: base, pigment, filter/ extender, binder, solvent and additives that dictate paint quality for special occasions. The market has 20 different types of paint to offer, ranging from latex to oil to enamel and more, each serving a specific purpose. Therefore, it is crucial to work with the right painting contractor who knows the details about these things of BD properties in the country’s real estate.


Most exterior paint is made with chemicals that make them durable and capable to withstand the climate. Because these chemicals are present in fumes, you don’t want them in interior paint. Manufacturers have formulated exterior paint so that it will adhere to surfaces extremely well, is fungus/mildew resistant and won’t fade under the sun. It also protects against ultraviolet radiation and requires sunlight to cure to make it water-resistant. Resins used in exterior paint are softer, allowing them to expand in the heat without cracking. It contains fungicides to prevent growth buildup.

Before diving into choosing the right paint, it is important to consider the following factors-

  1. Location of your building
  2. The overall climate of the area
  3. Exposure to the atmosphere
  4. Surrounding structures
  5. The surface of your structure


These 5 considerations are going to provide you with the necessary directives about exterior painting. Location matters because your building’s exterior job should complement the neighborhood it is in. The climate of the said location will tell you the kind of paint your structure needs to endure the weather. The turn of the seasons and weather fluctuations affect your building’s exposure to the atmosphere and this also calls for the choosing of appropriate paints. Last but not the least, you need to consider what material has been used on the building surface and which kind of paint best suits the structure.

Now that you know how to find the right paint for your structure, let’s dive deep into knowing the variety of paints-

Primer and First Coat

For paint to look great and last a long time, it requires a primer coat on the surface before your paint is applied. In some cases, the first coat of paint acts as a primer for the second or third coat. Using the right primers can also knock down odors and cover stains. Customers who buy houses appreciate the usage of a primer and it helps when renting out a property to last long.


Oil-based Paint

Another popular paint type is oil-based paint. It is considered a premium paint because it is more durable than water-based paint and it has a sheen that is considered more attractive. It’s a popular paint for high-traffic areas. One of the major cons is that it requires paint thinner or turpentine to clean up. Flats for sale in Dhaka often uses oil-based paint for this matter.


Enamel Paint

Similar to oil-based paint, enamel paint is stronger and will resist water, alkalis and acid, making it a durable product. Manufacturers use special resins as well as petroleum spirit and white lead to produce the desired durability. This paint is also versatile, seeing use in exterior and interior projects. House rent in Dhaka can vary due to the quality of enamel paint used.


Latex Paint

There is no actual latex in latex paint. Rather than real latex proteins, latex paint is made with synthetic latex, therefore it is not a problem for people with issues with latex proteins allergies. It is water-based paint similar to acrylic and is often used to cover large spaces. It is versatile and can be used on wood trim, walls and concrete. Real estate companies working on large projects prefer using latex paint for larger surface areas.


Acrylic Paint

This water-based paint is one of the most eco-friendly on the market, which is a big asset for eco-minded individuals. Painting contractors love it because not only is it easy to apply, it also dries quickly. Property owners prefer it for its durability, which is why it is often used in high-traffic areas. It is a realtor favorite too.


Emulsion paint

While emulsion paints are easy to apply, they generally take longer to dry. Manufacturers of emulsion products use synthetic resins and polyvinyl acetate in the recipe, making it a highly durable paint that can stand up to plenty of sunlight. However, it requires a clean surface, which means you need to putty and sand imperfections before applying the paint.


Cement Paint

A water-based product, cement paint utilizes white cement and other additives to make it resistant to the fading effects of ultraviolet light. Desired for its decorative appearance, it is applied on rough surfaces, often in two coats. It is also used in areas where there is plenty of humidity and light. It stands up to the destructive qualities of a salty atmosphere, making it a good fit for properties near the ocean.

There are so many paint options out there today that the average person can be intimidated quite easily and have a difficult time choosing the right ones for their different surfaces and room types. At bti Property Management, we are fully educated on all types of paint, whether they are water-based, oil-based, latex, acrylic, or matte to a glossy finish. Let us help you get the right paint for the job.

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