5 Ways to Ensure Proper Garden Upkeep

Gardens are a small yet precious retreat from the monotonous urban life that oftentimes suffocates us. They hold a piece of nature that we have taken for granted too long ago. The sight of dewy greenery, flowery fragrance wafting through the air, and the playful banter of bees and other insects- these are the simple things that keep us connected to nature but also encourage our wellbeing. Having a garden at home keeps the home environment fresh and its members healthy, but gardens need to be taken care of too.

Proper garden maintenance can increase the longevity of plants and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables to some extent as well. However, it is important to understand that every plant has a fixed set of requirements. When you are taking care of a garden, with time you will get to know each plant and tend them accordingly. We have five tips that can help you step up in your gardening game whether you are a beginner or a pro!

Check for Damage or Disease

Even if gardening is not a hobby for you, checking the plants once in a while is a must. You want to ensure that the plants are pest and rot free. Plant diseases can become contagious, so one diseased plant can negatively affect others. Use the appropriate pesticides and insecticides to keep aphids, gnats, and other harmful insects away. If these alone do not work, you might want to call in pest control services for extermination. Remember to keep your garden tools clean, because often their surfaces carry bacteria that can be transferred to plants and cause disease.

Observe Soil Quality

Soil needs to be regularly replaced as it degrades over time in terms of quality and nutrient availability. You can add mulch as it acts as a natural fertilizer for plants. Mulch contains decaying plant material and compost that enrich the soil when it is degrading. Mulching also prevents weed growth. You can also buy fertilizers and use them in your garden, but the amount and type would vary from plant to plant. Discuss with gardening experts to ensure the use of appropriate fertilizer and the right amount.

Stake & Prune Your Plants

Not all plants require staking. If you have tomato, cucumber, pepper, and other plants with bendy stems, you will need to fix sticks into the ground and entwine the plant stems around them. Thus, staking strengthens the stem and keeps the plant upright and much healthier. Apart from staking, you should also prune and cull your plants whenever needed. Such physical plant maintenance keeps their growth controlled and removes unhealthy bits and pieces! It also encourages more space among plants for neat growth.


Ensure Maximum Protection

Plants are delicate and can be easily destroyed by pests, animals, and weeds. Weeds are harmful in the sense that they compete with your growing plants for nutrients, and cause their roots to suffocate. They also ruin the appearance of the garden by taking up unnecessary space. If you have pets at home, it is best to protect your garden with wire fencing. Solid barriers can block out sunlight, so it is best to create a fencing that is see-through and does not ruin the look of the garden.

Another great way of protection is creating raised garden beds with concrete hollow blocks. It will also help you compartmentalize your plant varieties. Each raised garden bed can have one type of plant or similar plants grouped together in a section. It is best to start small and work your way through. Raised garden beds also provide drainage. Here’s an extra tip: create a raised garden bed section of companion plants. These plants support pollination, fend off pests, and promote growth of beneficial insects!


Hire Experts

You might not always be able to take care of your plants. When you are away or busy, you should rely on professional gardeners to give your plants the care they need. Expert gardeners will maintain the plants, ensure their growth, and protect them at all costs to let them flourish. 

While skyscrapers and high-rise residential complexes increasingly compete for space in our cities, we are losing the touch of nature that keeps us humble and grounded. Our gardens are a gentle reminder that we too belong to nature, and so we need to take care of it as much as we care for our families. With good garden upkeep, you can do your small part in keeping the planet healthy.

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